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About Us

At Greenleaf Community Builders, we specialize in the construction of quality affordable housing.

We offer a full line of real estate services, from an initial concept design to a turn turn-key construction project. We pride ourselves on successfully assisting property owners and developers regardless of the size of their budget and property challenges.

Anthony Square

Achieving Our Mission

How we achieve the most sustainable development for our clients.

Adaptive Reuse

Helping clients find and reuse existing buildings that can be best repurposed as housing, thus reducing waste and land used for development.

Most Efficient Land Use

With real estate values rising at unprecedented rates and construction cost at all time highs, finding the way to maximize existing land is both good for the environment and the project’s overall performance. This methodology tends to drive the best value of the investment.

Urban In-fill Properties

Taking aged and underutilized and sometimes previously developed land and improving the community by providing smaller in in-fill solutions reduces the need to use vacant suburban “greenfield” sites.

Energy Reduction

Making the most efficient and effective energy choice based on location, available resources and viability of alternative energy options.

Water Reduction

Using water saving devices, water reuse via gray water or rain rain-water systems.

Green Building Products and Systems

Encouraging use of systems certified by the GBC and in accordance with LEED guidelines, providing cost benefit analysis so owners can make informed decisions.

Sustainable Maintenance and use

Making sure design and construction produces and creates the lowest maintenance and most efficient use of building materials, land and end end-product.

Total Neighborhood Solutions or Towne Centre Approach

Working with municipalities, Zoning and Planning Boards to integrate our ‘Total Neighborhood’ and ‘Towne Centre’ approach to reduce the dependance on having to drive to fulfill the daily living needs by creating a neighborhood or Towne Center that promotes a walking community.

Our Promise To You

In our years and diversity of experience, we’ve found there is no greater proof of success in the construction business than a satisfied client.

That’s why we stay true to our foundation of Integrity, Ingenuity, and Dependability.

It’s what makes Greenleaf The Smarter Way to Build.

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